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1d – Notion Ink Community

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Where are some of the Notion Ink fan sites & Forums located?


NotionInk Fan Sites

  • News and reviews

» Notion Ink Blog (Rohan Shravan)

» Global Distribution Map

» Notion Ink Fan - No updates since May 28, 2011



  • Places to vent and fume and connect with other users

» Notion Addicts (you may see also: It's a Free Notion(Ink)Forum)

» Official Notion Ink Forum "Conclave" - Must have a facebook account to post.

» TabletRoms - Where the real activity takes place.


Notion Ink Modifications

  • Information on making your ADAM do what you want it to do

» Android Information

» TabletRoms

» XDA Developers 


NI Dedicated blogs

  • High points in the NI and ADAM-ite aficionado landscape

» Rohan Shavran's personal blog: http://notionink.wordpress.com/

» Rahul's Tryst with Destiny blog: fundaazoflife.wordpress.com

» Greg's Notion Ink Fan blog: www.notioninkfan.com

» Le blog de Guerdal (in French - en français): nova.le-palantir.com/blog

» NotionInkUSERShttp://notioninkusers.blogspot.com/

» In Italianhttp://notioninkitalia.blogspot.com/

» Tips-n-tricks, user-oriented bloghttp://adamunveiled.blogspot.com/

                    » Lee's Help Ni Obi Wan: http://cx650t.wordpress.com  

Notion Ink Community – A Dec 2010 Graphic Snapshot



  Notion Ink Blog
NI YouTube Channel (realisingdreams)
NotionAddicts Global Distribution Map


Notion Ink Hacks


Tryst with Destiny (Rahul's Blog)


the Notion Ink community – Links







« 1c – Notion Ink Videos Galore

NI FAQ Front Page


1e – Tips-n-Tricks »


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