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1a – Dreaming ADAM

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Prezi Presentations

In 2009, Rohan did four presentations using Prezi, an online tool much more creative and stimulating than your ordinary PowerPoint slidehow. They go a long way to explain the daydreaming / brainstorming thoughts behind ADAM, and where it will head in future updates, upgrades and new Notion Ink devices. Apparently they can't be embedded here, so clicking on the link or the picture will open a new tab or window. Then you can watch frame by frame by clicking on the arrow, or choose Autoplay under More.


Usage and Incidents (21 April 2009)



Key Notes (22 April 2009)


Presentation for NIFT (28 October 2009)


UX Experience (28 October 2009)




Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink's CEO, shares his entrepreneurial story at The Power of Ideas Start-up Session in Hyderabad on 12 July 2010.


The Economic Times video ‘Start-up Session Hyderabad: Rohan Shravan shares his story’


Watch more videos, relating directly to ADAM, in the Videos Galore page.


Early interview


07 May 2010 in The Statesman (India)


Is ADAM India's iPad?

Dharitri Bhattacharjee chats with Rohan Shravan and Sachin Ralhan of Notion Ink to find out the entrepreneurship angle in the manufacturing, launching and marketing of India’s first tablet PC, ADAM 


Rohan's LOLcat takes a Notion Ink thought experiment way too literally




NI FAQ Front Page


1b – Notion Ink Press Releases and Interviews »


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