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7e12 – Tim Dalinian Jones (dalinian)

Page history last edited by Dalinian 13 years, 2 months ago

0a – Introduction to NI FAQ Wiki This is the Co-Editor Conversation page for Tim Dalinian Jones (dalinian), analogous to the 'User talk' pages you get at MediaWiki places like Wikipedia. If you’re leaving a message for Tim in the Project Conversations section, please sign & date your contribution ('fraid there's no auto-sig function, so please tap in your sig manually, eg: - dalinian 07:00 GMT 31 Dec 10)




My standard profile picture, with Radar, a Great Grey Owl (videos of Radar: one, two)




» www.facebook.com/tim.dalinian.jones



• Geographic: Vauxhall, London, UK

• Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) ±0000 UTC

» Map: tinyurl.com/NAGD-dalinian


» Dalinian's Vidz Channel


My NI avatar, based on my (unsuccessful) entry to the Notion Ink Logo Contest (see below for full entry)



» Skype name: dalinian61


NotionAddicts – ex-moderator, now permanently banned

» notionaddicts.com/forums/member.php/174-dalinian


NotionAddicts Global Distribution Map - originator

» tinyurl.com/NAGD-dalinian


Notion Ink FAQ Wiki – co-founder, co-editor

» Where you're at right now; and here's the NI FAQ Front Page


Project Conversations

Please feel free to leave a comment for me in this section by editing this page, and please sign & date your comments ('fraid there's no auto-sig function, so please tap in your sig manually, eg: - dalinian 02:20 UTC 04 Jan 11).



  • If I may, I find "investigate etc." a bit much... ;-) go to Skype.com, download, find fbrutsch (and others) and voilà (as you say in English)... - Francois Brutsch 12:55 GMT 02 Jan 11
  • Yeah, point taken, we VoIP virgins can be overly cautious <blush>.  I'm trying out Skype on my MacBook Pro (v. easy to get started indeed), got some more testing to do on my Nokia N900. My Skype name is dalinian61 an I'm all ears(-&-eyes) if any of you Co-Editors feel a voice-chat/video-chat/IM-chat session would be useful. - dalinian 14:30 GMT 02 Jan 11


Dreaming ADAM

  • Hi Tim, nice page!
    Can you have a look at mine and tell me if you think I can move Dreaming ADAM to a proper page (1b1? or where would you suggest? What I would prefer is 1c - and also adding as 1d a Community page with links to all the dedicated blogs and sites -, as I think Tips'n'Tricks and OS Alternatives don't belong to section 1... ;-) Thanks! - Francois Brutsch 12:03 GMT 01 Jan 11
  • Thanks Francois :-) Congrats on the Dreaming ADAM page-assembly on your Conversation Page – I've yet to enjoy all the external links, but what I've seen highlights the use value of inclusion in our NI FAQ Wiki. 
    • Prezi Presentation Titles – I know Rohan left his pair of April 2009 creations 'Untitled', but my inclination would NOT be to call the both of them No Title, but to entitle the first one 'Usage and Incidents', and the second one 'Key Notes' – whaddaya think? (Done! -Francois Brutsch) 
    • Video – I edited the text of this sub-section to better reflect the info on the YouTube source page.
    • 1b1? or where would you suggest?  I think a chronological approach best fits page ordering in §1, so I'd recommend we make it 1a – Dreaming ADAM and increment the alpha index of the existing four pages by one, ie: current 1a becomes new 1b, current 1b becomes new 1c, etc. This is a slightly fiddly 'Overall Wiki Structure' task, which I'm happy to do, but I'd like to check whether you agree that 1a – Dreaming ADAM is a good place for it to be?
    • adding as 1d a Community page with links to all the dedicated blogs and sites  Are you:
    • I think Tips'n'Tricks and OS Alternatives don't belong to section 1   My thinking on §1 is that after dealing with NI the COMPANY, we go on to deal with NI the COMMUNITY: and both 1c – Tips-n-Tricks and 1d – OS Alternatives will become populated with material that emerges from the wider NI Community over 2011 and beyond, such as from NotionAddicts, Notion Ink Hacks, XDA-Developers, etc. Do you concur? Or have you an alternative location you think would better suit such material?
    • - dalinian 00:30 GMT 02 Jan 11
  • Thanks Tim!
    • I'm happy with all your suggestions and improvements re: Dreaming Adam, especially if you can deal with the pages restructuring!
    • I had seen, but forgotten, the links on page 1... But I still think this page should be kept to a minimum and a proper page created for the Community links themselves: easier to find and to expand (i.e. Greg's blog, there is also now a French blog, etc.)
    • About Tips'n'Tricks and OS Alternatives, there is no urgency, let's see how things evolve (I don't see them related to NI the company, though, more likely to ADAM the device...)
    • - Francois Brutsch 10:58 GMT 02 Jan 11 
  • Grand, so, Francois – I'll make it so, including a proper page created for the Community links themselves. - dalinian 14:30 GMT 02 Jan 11
  • Done: 1a – Dreaming ADAM | 1d – Notion Ink Community | and I've made our 1g – Glossary linked in on the NI FAQ Front Page ToC and SideBar too. - dalinian 15:50 GMT 02 Jan 11



NI FAQ To Do List



Areas of Interest

  • Overall Wiki Structure – as seen in the NI FAQ Front Page Table of Contents and the SideBar
  • Page Design – typographic consistency, usability, visual attractiveness, internal and external hyperlinking
  • Illustration – if a picture paints a thousand words, then a video paints 25,000 words/second: so I'm distributing as many relevant images and videos on wiki pages as possible
  • Wiki Editing Aids – such as fully-illustrated tutorial tips on 7d – Wiki Editing Tips-n-Tricks and maintaining 7c – Standard Page Elements
  • Being The Revolution – encouraging Egalitarian Directly Democratic Self-Governance within organised expressions of the NI Community such as NotionAddicts and this NI FAQ Wiki




Speaking of graphics. "We" need to be aware that all of the various images that are being inserted need to have the attributions added so we don't get accused of "fair use" issues. e.g. the Tegra photo of the motherboard. Who took it? Are "we" allowed to use it? What happens if someone objects? We need to have some guidance here for the editors so we don't screw up.  I know that the block diagram for the tegra came from http://www.anandtech.com/show/2911 but we don't appera to honor that with a link below the photo showing where it originated.  (The image was taken from somewhere else based on the blue lines and missing captions. So the Anadtech ripped it off from some where else too.)  Lee Walden 21:00 PST give or take 1/3/2011


Notion Ink Community



  Notion Ink Blog
NI YouTube Channel (realisingdreams)
NotionAddicts Global Distribution Map


Notion Ink Hacks


Tryst with Destiny (Rahul's Blog)


the Notion Ink community – Links


Notion Ink Logo Contest Entry

My (unsuccessful) entry to the Notion Ink Logo Contest, inspired by the surrealism of M.C. Escher and the constructivist modernism of Iakov Chernikhov's «Architectural Fantasies» 1925-1933


My Sandbox



I/O Ports 




16 GB On Board 

32 GB On Board

64 GB On Board

128 GB On Board

SD Memory Slot

Compact Flash Slot

Memory Stick Slot

1394 "Firewire" 

Micro USB

USB 3.0


Docking Station

Expresscard Slot

Video In



Dynamo Charging

Solar Cell Charging

Inductive Charging

Biometric Lock

Carbon Graphite Case

Tripod Socket

Camera Flash

Higher Resolution Display

Mil Std 810 F

Tesla Touch




Backside Trackpad

Biometric Locking

4g LTE 

3G Worldband Radio

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Software Defined Radio

ATSC Tuner

DTV Tuner

AM/FM Radio Tuner

Near Field Communications

Bluetooth 3.0+HS













NotionAddicts malgovernance FAQs proposal

(for Co-Editor Google Group discussion, part of which located here as the appropriate place for this maquette)


Notion Addicts

    • News, reviews (to follow), and most importantly forums

» Website: notionaddicts.com

» Forums: notionaddicts.com/forums/forum.php

» Global Distribution Map: tinyurl.com/NAGD-map

Jefferson Muzzle Candidate

Jefferson Muzzles are awarded as a means to draw national attention to abridgments of free speech by The Thomas Jefferson Center For the Protection of Free Expression

Are human rights respected?

No. Your universal human rights to free speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of association are not respected on NotionAddicts forums.


Is natural justice respected?

No. Arbitrary sanctions are enforced by NotionAddicts's forum administrator – such as censorship, blocking access to private messaging, and permanent banning – without right of appeal, due process or means of redress.


Are democratic rigthts respected?

No, not even among the moderator team, and dissent is actively suppressed – for instance, it is possible to go from being NotionAddicts’ most highly reputed member and moderator to being permanently banned in five days, for championing democratic and human rights.


Is there public accountabilty?

No. No moral or ethical justification will be advanced by NotionAddicts's forum administrator for questionably dishonourable actions, such as censorship and active dissent suppression.


It's A Free Notion (Ink) Forum

» Forums: freenotion.freeforhosting.com


Re-Linking our 27-Page Glossary


  • Now our magnificent Glossary is divided into 27 ‘Page-too-big’-proof manageable pages (Numeric, A,B,C, ... X, Y, Z), we need to re-link the Glossary Table entries: 
    • the 'internal' links in the 'Explanation' column need re-linking to other Glossary entries 
    • the 'external' links, from substantive pages in the Wiki to Glossary entries, need re-linking
  • All the entries in the Glossary Index Table above that are in italics still need re-linking.
  • Once you’ve re-linked a Glossary entry, please remove the italicisation for that entry from the Glossary Index Table above, so we can see which ones have been done already.
  • dalinian 16:00 Mon 24 Jan 11 



Mental Health Caveat

As a person with bipolar disorder (type II), it's sensible for me to warn my fellow Co-Editors and our readership that my presence at and attention to our NI FAQ Wiki will likely be intermittent. When I'm well, as I am now, I can act on Dr. Eldon Tyrell's advice and do "extraordinary things; revel in your time." But in a few months time, it's more than likely I shall be overcome by another episode of clinical depression, which will likely last another few months, and which will probably make my Co-Editing abilities approach zero. When I notice the pre-cursor symptoms of another depressive episode approaching, I shall try to post a "here I go again - bye for now" message here. But if I vanish unexpectedly, it's probably just another temporary outage due to mental ill-health.


Still, I'm in good company, as the 'List of people affected by bipolar disorder' attests: Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Cobain, Richard Dreyfuss, Carrie Fisher, Stephen Fry, Ernest Hemingway, Abbie Hoffman, Spike Milligan, Edvard Munch, Florence Nightingale, Sinéad O'Connor, Bill Oddie, Jackson Pollock, Nina Simone, Vincent Van Gogh, Townes Van Zandt, Ruby Wax, Brian Wilson, and Virginia Woolf are/were people with bipolar disorder too (to name but a few of my favourites). And since I never get any symptomatic inclination to self-harm or suicide, it's not as tough on me as it is/was on some of these wonderful people.




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NI FAQ Front Page


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Comments (2)

Sujith Prathap said

at 6:18 am on Jan 6, 2011

How about italicising all ADAM related info in the explanation column, to allow users to easily read how the term is used in the context of the ADAM?

I've just seen the bullet used for seperation, but IMO the italicizing would server as a better differentiator.

Nishaad said

at 11:35 am on Jan 21, 2011

I'm dalinian, commenting on my own page as 'Visitor' – good idea, or what?

You don't have permission to comment on this page.