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7e9 – Rahul

Page history last edited by Dalinian 13 years, 3 months ago

This is the Co-Editor Conversation page for Rahul, analogous to the 'User talk' pages you get at MediaWiki places like Wikipedia. Contents could include, eg: NI FAQ To Do List, Area(s) of Interest, Project Conversations, Links to other web presence locations (eg: NotionAddicts profile, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) If you’re leaving a message for this Co-Editor, please feel free to sign & date your contribution, eg: - dalinian 02:20 UTC 04 Jan 11.

Interview / video


  • Rahul, I've added SlashGear, that you added to the Press Releases & Interviews page, on the Videos Galore page, where all the video around the CES 2011 are. I think it doesn't hurt if SlashGear is mentionned twice... -Francois Brutsch 19:45 GMT 07 Jan 11

Animated NI FAQ Wiki masthead

  • Hi Rahul – as a result of The “Andy 'NIH' Smith” problem and the consequent NIH Disaffiliation Proposal, I've changed frame 4 of our animated NI FAQ Wiki masthead to name-checks your original FAQ blog posting (as illustrated, right). I just wanted to check-in with you explicitly to confirm that's OK with you. - dalinian 02:00 GMT 05 Jan 11


That would be okay, Tim. I was kinda taken aback by Andy's atrocious behaviour. I was hoping things would be worked out and there would be peace, but apparently, he is bothered by that. If he has nothing significant to contribute, we are better off without him.- Rahul



I am really sorry my presence on this wiki has been scarce over the past few days, I was really busy as I had some really strict deadlines to meet... I cant wait for more details to be out from Las Vegas (CES). Another day to go... fingers crossed :) -Rahul






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