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7e4 – Francois Brutsch

Page history last edited by Francois Brutsch 12 years, 11 months ago

This is the Co-Editor Conversation page for Francois Brutsch, analogous to the 'User talk' pages you get at MediaWiki places like Wikipedia.




Relevant biography

Born in 1955, I started with a printing set toy and a mechanical typewriter: I am an end user, not a geek! Therefore my first computer was the Osborne 1 (1981), the first to come with an Office Suite (of a sort). I like alternative and green technology, such as the recumbent bicycle (in London I have a Brompton folding bike) or the OLPC XO computer (where Pixel Qi comes from). Always keen on portability: my first tablet was the Olivetti M10 (1983). I had a Pilot handheld before the company changed their name into Palm. To me ADAM is the ultimate dream.  


Pimlico, London, United Kingdom (most of the time) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) ±0000 UTC

• Otherwise Geneva, Switzerland, where I come from: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) ±0100 UTC


Notion Addicts

Profile, contact etc



Project Conversations


Please feel free to leave a comment for me in this section by editing this page, new conversation on top. And please sign & date your comments ('fraid there's no auto-sig function, so please tap in your sig manually, eg: - Francois Brutsch 07:00 GMT 31 Dec 10).



  • More convergence: I've been riding Brompton folders in London since 1996, and I'm only on my 2nd: a green-&-titanium S2L-X. - dalinian 14:55 02 Jan 11 


Dreaming ADAM


Comments and thoughts


21 Jan 11 on NI blog

 Francois Brutsch said, on January 21, 2011 at 15:32 

Off to buy the same (Swiss :-) ) keyboard and mouse! In awe of the final result, the quality of the packaging, the combination of the device and the company logos… I’m sure it smells wonderful as well!

To those who lecture Rohan on how to please the customer, he is clearly taking his cue from the leader, Apple, in making no compromise on design and beauty. I’m so happy I will soon get my Adam.


  •  Francois Brutsch said, on January 21, 2011 at 19:25

    Hem, in the specifications, the Logitech MK320 mentions only Windows, not Android… Is there here some techie who could explain how (or just confirm that) it will nevertheless plug-and-play with my Adam — or how I’m supposed to deal with that? Many thanks!


15 Jan 11 on NI blog


@Paul I agree: in a few months someone ought to make a book (and then on film!) on the whole Rohan – NI – Adam saga “http://swissroll.info/?2010/12/13/1240-adam-provisoirement-depasse-par-son-succes”.

Once again Rohan is rescuing the show when the comments in the previous post were beginning to turn nasty: with real news (the FCC agreement, shipping start) backed up with a surprising and beautiful story (the Fibonacci series, the previous 8 versions – and I would love to be told about each of them) and the good but imprecise, tantalizingly teasing announcement about media content.

Just why we fans love it, but defensive and greedy consumers hunting for a quick bargain shouldn’t really visit this blog… :-)



7 jan 11 on NI blog (bit circular, of course!)


Well, I don’t think it’s an alternative to blogs, but what Pramod Gururaj calls for does exist: it is the Notion Ink FAQ Wiki “http://nifaq.pbworks.com/”. It’s a collaborative enterprise from members of the NI community which aims to be a systematic and exhaustive repository of all things Notion Ink and Adam. Have a look at the Glossary, the Videos or the pages for each component or application, for instance.


5 Jan 11 on my blog (in French): Adam s'exhibe au CES 2011


2 Jan 11 on NI blog:


Greg, what is so great about an official forum, as opposed to an independant one? I know Rohan announced one, but I’m not even sure it’s wise for a commercial company (when people are paying for the device, some begin to behave outrageously, as we saw here in December!). Personnally I would much prefer NI to use their time and expertise selling and improving the Adam, keeping customer care to its core, and let the community take care of themselves (and if some NI people can contribute as well, that’s even better of course – we could call them Angels!).


Back in 1987 I bought the (non-profit) OLPC XO through their Give1Get1 program. I found the official forum less helpful than an independant one, OLPC News… An independant source might occasionnely be critical, but that’s good and Rohan has shown that NI can stand it!


For Notion Ink and Adam, we already have two great tools which are built by the community, for the community: the Global Distribution Map where all Adam users are invited to put themselves “http://tinyurl.com/NAGD-map” and the Wiki FAQ website which aims to be an exhaustive and systematic repository of all things NI and Adam “http://nifaq.pbworks.com/”. And NotionAddicts is not doing badly as an independant forum, i.e. with the import taxes by country…


My To Do List



My Sandbox


Edit change to reflect the stand alone nature of the Map for the Global Community, all the websites rather than just NotionInk Addicts

Add explanation / Link to all-in-one page view - beware, currently close to the length limit!

Distinguish between owners and fans


View (only) all on one map: http://goo.gl/Y4DKu in Google Maps search box

Find user with browser search


username @ NotionInk, NotionAddicts, NotionHacks, 



ShRTee @ Notion Ink Hacks
• location: Ingelstad, Växjö, Sweden



Notion Ink Adam Global Distribution Map


A visualisation of the global distribution of the Notion Ink Adam owners and fans. 

..:: KEY ::..

• Pushpin = “precise”, at least to city level

• Baloondot = imprecise, somewhere in this area/state/country

• Colour=blue = only one Adam fan at this location, so far

• Colour≠blue = multiple Adam fans in close proximity 


At minimum, a Map Marker should contain:

• Title field: username

• Description box, Rich Text format:

» username @ NotionAddicts

• location: suburb, city, state, country

• For example:

» daliniantoo @ NotionAddicts

• location: Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, USA

See ‘dalinian’ for an example of additions you might like to make.


Data from the Introductions forum, NotionAddict profiles, and NotionAddicts putting themselves on the Map. 


• Map info – about the map: 

» http://tinyurl.com/NAGD-thread 

• Map editing – an illustrated ‘How To’:

» http://tinyurl.com/NAGD-edit-thread






 Contact NI FAQ Wiki  |  0a – Introduction to NI FAQ Wiki



4x  Wishlist apps

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6a - Wishlist hardware

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  • Tim, help: I can't merge the cells?... – Francois
    • Select cells to merge by dragging across them > [ Table ∇ ] button > Cell > Merge cells
    • I've merged cells on the top row, added the current prelims links there, copied the ToC title, and moved §9 to the lower right cell, for geometrical neatness.
    • - dalinian 23:50 Fri 21 Jan 11
  • Well, that's what I thought, but doesn't work for me... Thought it might be Chrome, but no, same thing with Firefox. Bah, I can still do it in Source of course... Francois 19:25 UTC 22 Jan 11



Introduction to NIFAQ Wiki 



4x - Wishlist apps

4y - Wishlist medias & games

4z - Wishlist books, magazines & papers



6a - Wishlist hardware

6b - Wishlist software




Suggestion of a less nerdish overall title for this website, if I may

I bought AllAboutAdam.info, just in case -- I don't think allaboutadam.com would really be a competitor


With apologies to Joseph L. Mankiewicz


Welcome to the Notion Ink Frequently Asked Questions Wiki


  • Goodness knows I love a filmic cultural reference as much as the next cineaste, and I sense a rename for 2a – What is ADAM coming up (Edit: DONE! now it's 2a – All About ADAM thanks to you, Francois), but I kinda followed Avo's lead  ('ownad' at NotionAddicts, founder and admin of same) in that we foresee a long-term potential for both NA and NI FAQ Wiki, beyond ADAM's product lifecycle. So stressing ADAM now might be like calling a similar project LISA IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS in 1980, only for generations of Mac users to be a little baffled as to why an Apple FAQ would be called that. - dalinian 11:15 UTC 10 Jan 11

  • I thought that Eve might be a line of products entirely different from ADAM 1, 2, 3...and deserving her own wiki, and that we would have enough on our plate with the tablet, but I see the point! -Francois Brutsch 00:16 UTC 12 Jan 11





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