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7c – Standard Page Elements

Page history last edited by Dalinian 12 years, 2 months ago

Here's a place to keep elements that appear on more than one page with a degree of standardisation. It's generally better to copy-&-paste these standard page elements in "Source" mode, ie: with the [<> Source] toggle button activated on the editing toolbar, which appears above when in EDIT mode.

In-Line Source Citation


A capital S flanked by square brackets, superscripted, all three characters linked to the external URL, and the link edited to 'Open in a new window'.

Here's one which you can copy-&-paste, then edit:


Notion Ink[S] would work fine.


Page footer:









Default layout for a new Co-Editor Conversation Page:



This is the Co-Editor Conversation page for NAME, analogous to the 'User talk' pages you get at MediaWiki places like Wikipedia. Contents could include, eg: NI FAQ To Do List, Area(s) of Interest, Project Conversations, Links to other web presence locations (eg: NotionAddicts profile, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) If you’re leaving a message for this Co-Editor, please feel free to sign & date your contribution, eg: - dalinian 22:30 GMT 30 Dec 10.

Welcome to your New Co-Editorship

  • Hi NAME – glad you could join us. We're all still settling in here, so there's no formal induction process (yet?) – just take a look around and get the feel of the place; then perhaps try a few edits on the 7b – Sandbox page; and maybe pick up a few hints on our 7d – Wiki Editing Tips-n-Tricks page.
  • You might like to get familiar with editing by filling out this Co-Editor Conversation page of yours with some content of your own – and here are three possible sources of inspiration:
  • We communicate as a team on our 7a – What Is To Be Done page and on our individual Co-Editor Conversation pages (like I'm doing with you now, on yours).
  • When you feel comfortable and see something you'd like to enhance or expand, just step right up and edit in your improvements. I hope and trust you’ll both enjoy and benefit from your experiences enhancing and expanding our NI FAQ Wiki, as it benefits our growing NI community.
  • - dalinian HH:MM GMT DD Mon 11 







NI FAQ Front Page

7e – Co-Editor Conversation Pages





Front Page Sandbox



Welcome to the

Notion Ink – Frequently Asked Questions Wiki

A product of participation – a collaborative enterprise by members of the NI community, originating from NotionAddicts

Enquire within upon everything ‘Notion Ink’ and ADAM-ite!


ADAM – probably the finest mobile tablet computer ever made – share & enjoy! 





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NI FAQ Front Page


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