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3c9 – E-Reader

Page history last edited by Dalinian 10 years, 10 months ago

An e-Reader app screenshot – Rohan says, "Yes we have one, will get better with updates though!" (click to enlarge)




Does it support multi-touch gestures?

Do we have dynamically changeable font/size etc?

Does Notion Ink have tie-ups with any publisher?

What formats does the e-reader support?

Is there going to be a bookshelf?

Is there going to be an online bookstore? Or is the Genesis app store going to be the go-to place for books also?


Are DRM-protected formats supported? How about Adobe Digital Editions compatibility?




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Comments (3)

Nishaad said

at 1:03 pm on Jan 21, 2011

Import question: is it going to support DRM-protected formats? How about Adobe Digital Editions compatibility?

Dalinian said

at 11:33 am on Jan 27, 2011

Thanks for the Q – added to the UNANSWERED section

Nishaad said

at 9:27 pm on Feb 9, 2011

It would be useful to know if this eReader (or indeed any other eReader, Google Books doesn't) allows you to use your previously donwloaded / purchased / created (ie your own) ebooks

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