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3c5 – Web Browser

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Web Browser App on Video


NI video 'Introducing Eden – V The Browser'


NI video ‘More in Portrait mode’ – the Browser App browses NotionAddicts.com in a portrait screen orientation



How is Tab Switching done? 

There is a dedicated Tab Switcher, which brings up a list of open Tabs. Tapping on the desired tab will switch to it.

ADAM's multi-touch menu in the Browser appears when you do a “2-finger drag-up" multi-touch gesture

Does the browser have a "Force Close" option?



Can we copy multiple (discontinuous) lines?



Can we crop/snap-shoot a web page in part or full?



Does the browser support note-taking?

Yes. The snapshot/copied lines are arranged in the note-taking application.


Rohan says, "I love this browser. Fastest tab switching we have ever seen!" (click to enlarge)





Can I import my bookmarks from any of the browsers on my PC or my mobile?


How DO we zoom?  

How does the Web Browser compare to the other mobile web browsers and PC web browsers?


Will the Web Browser support extensions & add-ons ?





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