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3c3 – Sniffer

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What is Sniffer?

Sniffer is ADAM's native File-Browsing application.


NI Video: 'Introducing Eden – III', or Sniffer in 2:54



Can Sniffer directly access external and internal memory?



Does Sniffer provide a Copy/Cut and Paste solution?

Yes, you need to press the Option soft button when you have selected a file/folder. This provides the Cut/Copy option and the options menu stays active till you can navigate to the destination folder and select Paste.


ADAM's file browser app Sniffer in 3-panel mode (click to enlarge)


Does Sniffer support previews of the files before opening them?

Yes. Office formats and PDF files are currently not previewable, but that will come as an update. 


Does Sniffer allow "opening" of multiple folders?

Yes, if you open multiple instances of Sniffer in panels.


Does Sniffer allow for storage management?

Yes. Sniffer starts with a screen that shows the memory status of all internal and external memory.


Does Sniffer also act as a Application Manager and a Task Mananger?

Yes. You can kill apps from Sniffer, and uninstall apps from Sniffer.

Am I allowed to install 3rd-party applications by sideloading .APK files?

Yes, because ADAM is an "open" device, and you do so with Sniffer.





Is "Drag-'n'-Drop" supported? 


Is ADAM’s Sniffer app able to access shared network file server drives over Wi-fi?

For example: an Apple Time Capsule’s 1-2TB hard disk drive (also asked on 2i – Communication)


Can Sniffer access cloud storage such as Drop Box, Google Docs, Ubuntu ONE, Box.net, etc?



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