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3c1 – Mail'd

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What is Mail'd?

Mail'd is the native ADAM email client application.


NI Video: 'Introducing Eden – II', or Mail'd in 2:50



Does Mail'd have support for Exchange/ActiveSync?



Does Mail'd support Push Mail accounts?



Does Mail'd support POP, SMTP, IMAP?



Does Mail'd have the email recall feature?



Does Mail'd have the "Forgot Attachment" feature?



Is there a keyword search feature in Mail'd?

Yes. You can search within the label/folder.


Does Mail'd support bulk email actions?



Is there a default contacts manager for the ADAM?




ADAM's Mail'd welcome screen (click to enlarge)





Does Mail'd support HTML/Plaintext signatures?

Does Mail'd support Local Backup for Offline usage?

Is there a spam filter running on the ADAM or does it rely on the spam filters of the mail server?


How does the email recall feature work?

How does Mail'd look in portrait mode?

How does Mail'd look in the panel view?

What type of Exchange security features are supported?

Does Mail'd support user defined labels or flags? Do the labels/folders sync with the mail server?

HTML/Rich Text supported for composing emails?

Can Mail'd search keywords over multiple accounts? Across multiple labels/folders?

Does Mail'd feature language prediction?

Does Mail'd feature spell checker and dictionary/thesaurus?

Will the "Forgot Attachment" feature work with other languages?

Is there a virus/malware scanner for emails and/or attachments?


Are the contacts shared across email accounts and with the default ADAM contacts manager (if there is one)?

Do formatted emails allow for adding background graphics for the emails, like services provided by Yahoo or Incredible Mail?

What's with the name? :-) 






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