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This section deals with issues related to (whisper it quietly) ADAM going wrong and getting it put right again.

Latest ROMs.

Sometimes the easiest way to get ADAM working correctly is to replace the "shipped" ROM

with an updated one.  Here are the latest Notion Ink ROMS for the various versions. Be sure that you

select the correct one for your ADAM. Don't attempt to install a Pixel Qi ROM on an LCD model and

visa versa. Once the correct one of these is installed, you should be able to use the "Update Adam" on the tablet.

As of June 3rd there is another update to fix a "sleeping" issue.


May 31 Build Dates...


LCD       NIA020310511

LCD 3G  NIA920310511


Pixel Qi  NIP020310511

Pixel Qi 3G  NIP920310511


To install the ROMs you'll need to have either a Linux PC or Windows (sorry MAC users) and a mini USB cable.

Download the applicable file above and store it in a folder on your "source" computer.


Here's a summary of what you'll be doing:
1. On your PC, extract the Adam Recovery Kit files from the file you downloaded.
2. Restart your Adam in “Force Recovery” mode and connect it to the PC.
3. If you're using Windows on the source PC, you may need to install the USB drivers from the Recovery Kit.
4. Run the ROM flash utility from your PC, and wait for it to complete.

Using your favourite ZIP extraction tool, uncompress all the files in the downloaded file to
any folder on on your computer.  e.g. Create a folder called ADAM Update and extract all the files there.

Before proceeding, connect ADAM to commercial power and wait until you have at least 50% battery charge.

(Be sure that commercial power is not interrupted during the flashing operation - to quote Dirty Harry, "Do you feel lucky?") 

Turn off your Adam by holding down the power button for two seconds.


Enter force recovery mode by pressing and holding both the Volume
Down (-) and Power buttons for two seconds. The orange (charge) and red (CPU) indicators on
the right side of your device should light up, indicating that your Adam is in force recovery mode.
Release both buttons, and connect the mini-USB port on your Adam to any free USB port on the
PC using your cable.

3. INSTALL DRIVERS (Windows only)
Make sure that your Windows PC has the Notion Ink supplied USB drivers.

If your Windows PC shows a notification that a device “APX” has been detected, and you get a
“Found new hardware” dialog box asking where to install drivers from - choose “list or specific


If you don't get this dialog, open the Device Manager via System in the Control
Panel, find and double-click the “APX” device, and click the update driver button.
Select the “usbpcdriver” folder inside the extracted Adam Recovery Kit as the driver location.
You may receive a warning that the driver is not certified or signed by Windows – choose to
install it anyway.

You're now ready to flash your Adam. Make sure that the USB cable is connected securely. To
begin the process under Windows, run the “download.bat” batch file from the folder where you
extracted the Recovery Kit. If you're using Linux, open a console window at the folder
containing the extracted Recovery Kit, and run ./download.sh. Your device screen will show that
it is being updated, and the console window will show the progress.

IMPORTANT: Do not close the console window or stop the update before it is complete. If the
update is interrupted mid-way, your Adam will be damaged irreparably.

Hopefully all goes well, and in a couple of minutes your Adam will boot up with the new
software. Congratulations! If at any point you find that things aren't going according to plan,
please send an email to support@notionink.com.




Where can I find the Terms and Conditions of Purchase?

You can find the terms and conditions of the 1 year limited warranty that comes with the Adam at:


You can also find other legal documents like Privacy policy, Sales Policy and Cancellation/Refund and Return Policy.


Does Notion Ink have repair centres in my country?

For repairs or service in the United States, Notion Ink has partnered with Tactus Labs in Texas.

For others you will have to ship the Adam back to Notion Ink.


Does Notion Ink take care of shipping both ways, in case of a DoA (Dead on Arrival) replacement?

Yes. ADAM DOA procedures are detailed in Notion Ink's Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy (PDF, 23KB, pp 3) document.


Does warranty policy differ between countries?

No. The warranty policy is singular. The same policy is followed worldwide.


Scotty knows yee cannae beat Tech Support 101's golden rule




Do I have to pay if the Adam has to be sent for service under warranty?





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