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4 – ORDERING (redirected from 4 – PRE-ORDERS, LAUNCH and ORDERING)

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This section deals with issues related to getting ADAMs into the eager hands of end users.



Do you still use ADAM?  Have you loaded a replacement ROM on your ADAM?






What are the Variants, Pricing and Availability?

ADAM models ship with 8GB of internal storage.

The 3G versions come in region-specific configurations – the 850 Series and 900 Series – making a total of 6 variants.


(i) LCD, WiFi only: $375.33

(ii) LCD, WiFi+3G: $425.33

(iii) Pixel Qi, WiFi only: $499.45

(iv) Pixel Qi, WiFi+3G: $549.99


This price does not include delivery (currently $50 worldwide) and possible custom charges (see countries)


NOTE: For comparison, an Nvidia Tegra 2 prototyping board costs $ 400.

A Pixel Qi LCD panel costs $275. The top of the line ADAM cost $125 LESS!


Where do I buy an ADAM?
» www.notionink.com/order.php


When will the models be restocked and available for order again?

Click on the link to add your email to the list of subscribers who'd like to order an ADAM.  SUBSCRIBE NOW  (Not sure how long this link will remain active)


Does ADAM retail at a store near me?

Not yet.


What are the payment options available?

Currently Notion Ink supports Visa, American Express, Internet Banking only.

Mastercard and other payment options are expected to be set up soon.

The company handling the transactions is CCAvenue.

People intending to buy the Adam may tell in advance their banks or

financial institutions to allow the transaction in favour of CCAvenue

and Notion Ink so that the payment process runs smoothly.


Tracking your shipment.

After completing the transaction with CCAvenue, an Order Number will be shown.

Write this number down in case you don't receive a confirmation email.

You can then check your order status on the Notion Ink website. Dec 2010 orders  Feb 2011 Orders

When entering your order number be sure to include the letters N I O (not zero) e.g. NIO66123456-2

ADAMs are currently being shipped. They go from the factory in Xiamen China to Hong Kong (about 400 miles by truck)

In Hong Kong the logistics center assigns a tracking number and is supposed to email your account with the information.


What is the mode of shipping?

Notion Ink has partnered with TNT to provide global shipping.

Notion Ink charges a flat rate of $50 for worldwide delivery.


From emails transmitted on Mar 10, 2011 

Please note! For some countries including India, Russia and Japan, we are bound to follow alternate methods of shipping due to issues in Customs. We use EMS / German Post for Russia & Japan; and we use GATI for India. Thus, in these cases your order number might not work for tracking. We will update you with your tracking numbers within 48 hours after our logistics partners dispatch your orders.


Time in transit is one day from China to LA. (by air - can't say whether future shipments will also be by air.)

For U.S. Shipments FedEx and UPS receives the shipment from TNT and delivers it to the destination.


If you require any assistance, please write to support@notionink.com

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Contact Support. See Notion Ink Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy v1.0.


In numbers, how do the LCD variants stack up against the Pixel Qi variants?

According to Notion Ink - 30% Pixel Qi  /  70% LCD[S].

According to poll submissions 67% Pixel Qi and 33% LCD.




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